Perfume trends

multi-faceted & culinary

The novelties in the perfume area present themselves particularly diverse, appearing enticingly delicate with their new scent notes and unexpected compositions.


Blooming sorbets - positive, happy, fresh & feminine

Think happy – be happy! THE spring trend? Good mood!
The positive life mantra is reflected in the world of fragrance as well, raising the mood with freshly fruity scent creations. For the ultimate feeling of happiness, wonderful blossom chords court refreshing fruit notes. Sparkly cocktails of apple, pear and peach skilfully mingle with white blossoms, creating a playful scent experience that reflects joy of life.

Rosy expectations

The tender classic in the world of women's fragrance is a must-have and remains as popular as ever. The modern reinterpretations of the rose leave behind its dusty image and unfold the unmistakable femininity and diversity of the queen of flowers in fine combinations of fruity, powdery or woody accents.

Like a tender sea breeze…

Aquatic notes & a hint of sea salt bestow fresh easiness and whisk us away to places full of calmness & relaxation. Combined with tropical fruits these fragrances make us dream of faraway paradises. Sea salt accords can also be found now in warmer, more floriental compositions, which grants them an especially interesting twist.


Nude & Elegant - Musk & Amber

Warm femininity, sensuous elegance. Refined white blossoms and oriental, powdery notes rest gently on your skin and enchant your nose. These seductively mystic and opulent musk or amber compositions retain their tenderly feminine and elegant side. Fruity gourmand notes are en vogue, giving the oriental fragrances a special extra.

Mmmh… Praline! 

That's right: we now also have nut, chocolate, caramel and even coffee notes beckoning from the scent shelves, giving us creamy perfume combinations that you just want to taste. Enriched with refined blossoms and delicate fruit chords, these gourmand fragrances are truly irresistible.





Chypre fragrances – irresistible subtleties & pure femininity

Chypre fragrances continue to rise in popularity. They are characterised by their contrasting, refined combination of fruity-citric top notes, romantically-floral heart notes and sensually warm base.
They always move along the fine line between modern & classic, giving youthful sensuality while guaranteeing for a charismatic scent experience.