Cyrill Rolland


Creator of Spirit of sensual desire

Cyrill Rolland grew up in the South of France where he studied chemistry. He directly pursued a carrier in perfumery. After spending some time creating natural reconstitutions he moved on with the development of natural extracts and natural perfumes. He already created a unique collection of natural fragrances. His creations involve a love for Florals such as Rose, as well as Benzoin, Davana, spices and exotic aromas.

Florent Jubert


Creator of Spirit of joyful splash

Florent Jubert started his perfumer career as a trainee at Firmenich where he was inspired by famous perfumers to enrol at the ISIPCA (Institut supérieur international du parfum, de la cosmétique et de l'aromatique alimentaire), which he completed successfully. His dream became true by becoming a renowned perfumer – he is successfully working for the fine fragrance sector in Paris. 

Florent Jubert intensivly deals with perfume notes and the molecular behaviour in a base. His goal is to create effective, powerful fragrances and impressions that remain in the people’s minds.

Philippe Bousseton


Creator of Spirit of wild roses

Philippe Bousseton was only five years old when he discovered the fascinating world of perfumery thanks to his maternal grandfather, who was a renowned perfumer. He became one of the first five students accepted at the newly opened ISIPCA perfumery school. At the age of 28, he actively started to create perfumes. Nowadays he is one of the most well-known perfumers and the list of his successes is impressive. 

Dominique Preyssas

Creator of Spirit of cashmere musk, Spirit of happy moments and Spirit of blooming delight

When a young Frenchman decides about his life’s journey it is not a surprise that he is influenced by his passion about the beauty of things. Being raised by a family of musicians and artists, inspired Dominique in becoming a perfumer, always looking for harmony and balance within compositions. He completed his studies at the renowned ISIPCA Versailles School of perfumery becoming one of the most innovative perfumers.

Married to an Australian woman, Dominique enjoys travelling to discover new odours and sensations. His fragrance creations are known all over the world, there is hardly a country which doesn’t enjoy the smell of Dominique’s success!

Julien Rasquinet


Creator of Spirit of golden vanilla, Spirit of violet kiss und Spirit of fizzy tangerine 

The Belgian, Julien Rasquinet who was raised in Paris already showed a great interest in creation at the age of five. His father, a designer and his mother, a decorator raised him in a very creative and aesthetic environment. Only after graduating from a French business school Julien Rasquinet discovered his passion in perfumery. A casual encounter with perfume legend Pierre Bourdon turned his life upside down so that Julien Rasquinet decided to start a perfumer training. For more than 3 years, Pierre Bourdon thought him the art of perfumery, his philosophy, creation techniques and the knowledge about raw materials.

Sylvie Fischer

Creator of von SPIRIT of tender secrets

Sylvie Fischer is unique in the profession as she is both a female perfumer and the daughter of a female perfumer. Consequently, she grew up in a world of fragrance. Quite naturally at the age of 20, she became an apprentice perfumer which was the best way to enter the profession at the time. She started with an internship at Robertet and shortly thereafter joined Takasago, where she learned the Roure school’s Jean Carles method and the thousand and one aspects of perfumery from Pierre Bourdon and Michel Almairac. This powerful driving force completed her vision of the profession as an art, and on an everyday basis, a job requiring a passionate investment and modesty. It is precisely in this mindset that she has been working for Takasago ever since.

Antoine Lie

CREATOR von SPIRIT of lovely flowers

Already as a child he was sensitive to the power of fragrance and capable of refusing to eat something if he didn’t like the smell. At around 15, he read about the profession of a perfumer and decided to orient his education in this direction. He started a chemistry degree and discovered over a friend the Roure Perfumery School. After his perfumery education Antoine became Jean Guichard’s assistant. Two years later, Jean Amic sent him to the US, where the market was evolving. When he returned to France, he wanted to act out his creativity and love of quality, which can be found in his numerous creations:
Giorgio Armani: Armani Code, Elizabeth Arden: Ardenbeauty, Burberry: Brit Gold, Escada: Absolutely Me, Givenchy: Pi Neo, Calvin Klein: Contradiction for Her, Ralph Lauren: Romance for Men, Versace: Chrystal Noir, and many more.